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Yes, for most people it is possible to break this disgusting habit with one Hypnotherapy session. Are you yearning to escape the persistent craving for a cigarette?

Would you be interested in saving upwards of €12060.00 each year, money that's currently disappearing into thin air with each smoke?

Do you wish to drastically reduce the risk of falling victim to lung cancer or other illnesses caused by smoking?

If your answer is yes, then please keep reading.

Perhaps you're tired of having to step outside in the cold for a cigarette or driving with the window cracked open in freezing temperatures. Or maybe you're concerned about the smell of smoke clinging to your clothing and breath. Are cigarettes the first thing on your mind when you wake up, eagerly awaiting that morning cup of coffee or tea with a cigarette in hand?

No matter what your motivation is, it's a universal truth that smoking is detrimental to your health, your wallet, and possibly your relationships.

If you're truly determined to quit smoking in just 1 session, earnestly committed to breaking this harmful and expensive habit, then reach out to me. Let's work together to conquer this addiction.










How much Can you save?


If you smoke around 40 cigarettes a day at €16.75 a pack, Here is the shocking amount of money that you will save over 5 years of being a Non Smoker!

In the First Month
€ 1005.00
In 6 Months
€ 6030.00
In your first year as a Non Smoker
€ 12060.00
In your Fifth year as a Non Smoker
€ 60300.00

What if I dont Quit?


Continuing to smoke can cause the following:

  • Lung Cancer. 
  • COPD.
  • Heart Disease. 
  • Strokes.
  • Asthma.
  • Premature, (low birth weight babies)
  • Diabetes.
Book your Discovery Call now by clicking the button below and start breathing in fresh air again and saving over €60300.00 over five years.

Quit Smoking & Vaping One Session Protocol





Quit Smoking & Vaping


Welcome to a transformative journey towards a smoke-free life, harnessing the power of hypnotherapy. Smoking and vaping, initially perhaps a means of stress relief or a social habit, can rapidly evolve into a detrimental addiction, impacting your health, finances, and personal relationships. The decision to quit is often daunting, fraught with setbacks and frustrations. However, hypnotherapy presents a unique and efficacious approach to this challenge.

In this programme, we explore the subconscious mind, utilising its profound influence to change the deeply rooted habits and cravings associated with smoking and vaping. Hypnotherapy transcends conventional cessation methods; it targets the psychological foundations of addiction, offering a comprehensive and enduring solution. By altering your perception of smoking and vaping, our aim is to eradicate not just the physical urge, but also the mental dependence.

Irrespective of whether you are a long-time smoker or a recent convert to vaping, this journey is customised to your specific needs and obstacles. Our approach is empathetic, understanding, and, most importantly, centred on empowering you to reclaim autonomy over your decisions and health. Join us in pursuing a healthier, smoke-free future with the aid of hypnotherapy.



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