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Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your body and your life. For a limited time, we are offering a special deal for our Facebook followers. You can get our virtual weight-loss jab hypnotherapy programme for only €250, instead of the regular price of €500. That’s a 50% discount!


The Benefits of the Virtual Weight-Loss Jab

Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Benefits

  • Needle-free and none of the side effects of Ozempic or Saxenda
  • Saves you money and the frustration of trying to source the injections
  • Recording supplied for anytime access
  • Quit Dieting for good
  • Exercise Motivation

Nutritional Support


  • Paul is a qualified Nutritional Therapist
  • Nutritional support including food plans
  • Control Portion Size
  • Combats Cravings


Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Benefits

  • Programme was developed by Sheila Granger pioneer of the Virtual Gastric Band

  • Four weekly sessions delivered online with ongoing support

  • Personalised programme developed just for you and your weight loss journey

  • Boost your Metabolism

  • Suppress your Appetite Naturally.

  • Inner Coach Development



If you are looking for a new way to lose weight without injections, or side effects, you will be interested in our revolutionary weight loss program. The Virtual Weight Loss Jab is a natural and effective method that uses the power of your mind to help you achieve your desired weight. Unlike Ozempic and Saxenda, which are expensive and often out of stock, the Virtual Weight Loss Jab is affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to try it. You don’t have to worry about injecting yourself or dealing with unpleasant side effects. The Virtual Weight Loss Jab will boost your metabolism, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and you will feel great about yourself. We will also provide you with the support and guidance you need to stay on track and reach your goals.

Why waste time and money on scarce and expensive jabs when you can get better results with the Virtual Weight-Loss Jab? This innovative program will help you lose weight without any injections or side effects. You’ll save €1420.00 compared to buying the jab every month for one year. Don’t miss this opportunity to achieve your weight-loss goals with the Virtual Weight-Loss Jab.

The Virtual Weight-loss Jab Hypnosis Programme is a much-needed alternative in a landscape saturated with temporary and potentially harmful solutions. Through a holistic approach that prioritises mindset and lifestyle, this programme holds the promise of sustainable success for those on their weight loss journey.

  • A four-session hypnosis program that helps with weight loss by changing habits, behaviours, and goals around food.

  • It tackles cravings, emotional eating, portion control, exercise motivation, and satisfaction with less food.

  • It does not require medication, injections, and has none of the side effects of Ozempic or Saxenda.

  • It offers personal guidelines, support recording, and free consultation.


This revolutionary programme utilises hypnosis to facilitate mindset changes essential for sustainable weight loss. Through highly specialised sessions, participants are guided to:


Regulate Portion Sizes:

Hypnosis helps in resetting perceptions of portion sizes, aiding participants in naturally opting for smaller, more nutritious servings.


Control Cravings:

The programme not only assists in curbing cravings for unhealthy foods but also cultivates a preference for nutritious options that foster well-being.


Boost Exercise Motivation:

By reconditioning the subconscious mind, the hypnosis programme ignites an intrinsic motivation to engage in regular physical activity.


Feel Great Naturally:

Through hypnosis, participants can experience heightened levels of well-being and positivity without the unwanted side effects commonly associated with pharmaceutical weight loss aids.


The Key Elements of the Virtual Weight-loss Jab Hypnosis Programme:


Boost Metabolism:

The programme focuses on optimising the body’s natural metabolic processes, encouraging efficient calorie burn.


Supress Appetite Naturally:

Through subconscious retraining, participants experience reduced appetite without the use of synthetic suppressants.


Hunger Education:

Participants gain a deeper understanding of hunger cues, empowering them to distinguish between physical hunger and emotional eating.


Increased Craving for Nutritious Foods:

The programme instils a genuine preference for foods that nourish the body.


Inner Coach Development:

Participants receive a daily dose of positivity and support through the cultivation of an “inner coach,” ensuring continued motivation and success.

Throughout the four sessions, we examine your current habits and behaviours around food. By becoming aware of your eating patterns and understanding the causes of emotional eating, we set the stage for lasting change. Together, we’ll design a plan to match your goals with healthy eating habits.


Are you eager to start an amazing journey towards a healthier, happier you? I help people like you reach their weight loss goals through the power of hypnosis and Nutritional Therapy. Get ready to change your relationship with food and experience a whole new level of confidence and vitality. 





Programme fee is €500.00 for 4 personalised sessions, support recording, full support.













To claim this Special Offer, simply click the button  in the booking form below you can choose the dates for all four sessions but there must be at least one week between each session. You can also use the form to pay the Special Price of €250.00.


Join Our Exclusive Weight Loss Program Today!


The weight-loss injections will NOT change mindset or habits around food. 


The weight-loss injection will NOT be suitable for some people.

The weight-loss injection will NOT be effective long-term.

The VIRTUAL WEIGHT-LOSS JAB will do all of these things.

The Virtual Weight Loss Jab

The Virtual Weight Loss Jab


If you are looking for a new way to lose weight without injections, or side effects, you will be interested in our revolutionary weight loss program. The Virtual Weight Loss Jab is a natural and effective method that uses the power of your mind to help you achieve your desired weight.


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