12 December 2023

Revolutionising PTSD Treatment: The 6-Session Protocol That Sidesteps Trauma Narration


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) significantly impacts numerous individuals worldwide, necessitating effective treatment methods. Traditional therapies often require individuals to revisit and narrate their traumatic experiences. The 6-session PTSD protocol offers an alternative, focusing on subconscious healing without delving into traumatic narratives. This approach, based on the work of John G. Watkins, Ph.D., and exemplifying the concept of 'Brief Therapy,' emphasizes quick and targeted therapeutic interventions.

What is the 6-Session PTSD Protocol?

This groundbreaking approach comprises six structured sessions targeting the subconscious mind, avoiding the narration of traumatic events and offering a more comfortable, less invasive path to recovery. The protocol draws from Dr. Watkins' techniques and insights and exemplifies the focused and time-efficient approach of 'Brief Therapy'.

The PTSD Protocol: Detailed Breakdown

  • Session 1 – Negativity Clearing: Identifies and clears negative thoughts and emotions associated with PTSD.

  • Session 2 – Ego Parts: Addresses and aims to reintegrate various ego part fragmented by trauma, helping to understand and harmonise the self.

  • Session 3 – Forgiveness/Acceptance of Others: Encourages forgiveness and acceptance towards others connected to the trauma.

  • Session 4 – Age Regression/Timeline/Rewind: Controlled revisiting of past experiences to reframe them.

  • Session 5 – Forgiveness/Acceptance of Self: Focuses on self-forgiveness and acceptance, key for internal healing.

  • Session 6 – Ego Boost/Reinforcement/Strengthening: Bolsters and reinforces a positive self-perception and resilience.


Benefits of the 6-Session PTSD Protocol

The protocol minimises the risk of re-traumatisation, respects individual privacy, and creates a comfortable therapeutic environment. As an embodiment of 'Brief Therapy', it offers a time-efficient approach to PTSD treatment, suitable for those preferring a more succinct therapy model.

Comparing with Traditional Therapies

The 6-session protocol offers a unique alternative to traditional therapies, beneficial for those who struggle with direct trauma narration and prefer a brief, focused therapy approach. Symptoms are removed in just 6 sessions.

Historical Significance and Effectiveness

Influenced by Dr. John G. Watkins' work and his book "The Hypnotherapy of War Neurosis," the protocol is effective in coping with war traumas and is a foundational form of 'Brief Therapy'.

Who is the 6-Session Protocol For?

Ideal for individuals seeking a less invasive PTSD treatment, especially those overwhelmed by trauma narration.


The 6-session PTSD protocol, rooted in Dr. Watkins' work, offers a pathway to healing that respects individual privacy and comfort, and embodies the principles of the original 'Brief Therapy', focusing on the reintegration of fragmented ego parts for holistic healing.

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